Corte Pilone “La Birra Avorio di Corte Pilone”

Corte Pilone Avorio

Corte Pilone
Azienda Agricola Corte Pilone Castellucchio (MN) Italy

The Avorio is a Belgian Wit style beer, opaque and extremely clear (almost white, as the name says).

Moreover it is flavored with natural spices (coriander and freshly ground orange peel) which add freshness and make this beer extremely refreshing.

The yeast is Belgian and is high-fermentation, specific for white beers but in this case we have not allowed it to add that acetic phenolic characteristic of ‘Belgian shelf beers’.

it is a non-bitter beer but not sweet either, just a good acidity, silky foam and aromas that characterize it.

The alcohol perception comes as a “wave” from the belly and mouthfeel. It is scarce yet silky.

Alc. 5% vol.