We are Pazzeria Italian Brewery,
you better know that here you’ll never find
what you are looking for,
but if you let us advise you since
we are expert and manic,
you’ll surely discover something new.



Pazzeria Italian Brewery welcomes everybody with a smile and sanguine warmth, we don’t care if you are a manager or a student, feeling home is all that matters.

Don’t play the tough guy, we are generous people, but we defend our positions with strength, a little bit like Bud Spencer and Terence Hill – no one is going to be kicked in the ass, but for sure is going to be verbally accosted!

You’ll have our smile only if you deserve it.

We spill more than 300 beers per year and sell even more bottled ones.

They come from all over Italy and we change them every week, that’s why you never find what you’re looking for: what we’ve got today, we might not have it tomorrow.

And if you feel hungry, no problem: with pork shank, stewed donkey, goulash, pork ribs, sandwiches, you’ll surely find a way to satisfy your hunger.


You don’t have to worry if you don’t understand our price lists, just make a sign and we’ll come to fill you in.

Let us share our knowledge with you because every beer has an emotional background, we go all around the world just to select the best products and know their deepest secrets… so, drink your beer and enjoy it!
That’s why we’re here.

Pazzeria Italian Brewery does not apply democracy.

There is no difference between anyone, respect and education are the dogma from which you cannot escape.

But one thing is guaranteed – if you deserve it, we have no mince words: warmth, joy, gang spirit, and a touch of madness, coupled with our deep knowledge in the field.

That’s why we call ourselves Italian Brewery, not for of our beers, but because we are Italian and we have that something extra so loved and praised worldwide.

Our “Italian spirit”, the hospitality and the related warmth, we give it with pleasure… be good!