The Menu

Pazzeria Italian Brewery
offers dishes worthy of the most ravenous maws,
we’re Italians, we love to eat
and to let people eat.

lunch set
Lunch set

Lunch Set $88
Choose one of our signature sandwich, salad or pasta and a drink you like. Every day many different choises!


Our Pizza is made in the traditional Italian way with 24 hours of lievitation. This process makes the pizza light and easy to digest.

main courses
italian main courses

All of our mains are prepared in Italy with genuine ingredients sourced locally, carefully cooked to keep their specific tastes and packed frozen or with modified atmosphere to preserve their flavours and freshness.
Try one of them with the perfect beer pairing.

Italian cold cuts
Italian Could Cuts

The best Italian cold cuts, freshly sliced and portioned, along with traditional cheeses and fruit jelly. From Parma Ham to Beef Bresaola, Grana Padano and Gorgonzola for a tasteful experience.


Our signature sandwiches, or Panini as we call them in Italy, are prepared on demand with the freshest ingredients from Italy in Ciabatta bread. So Easy, So Good.

Italian Wraps

Italian wrap, or Piadina Romagnola, is a traditional unleavened bread produced in Italy, in Emilia Romagna region, usually filled with cold cuts, vegetables and cheese. Light and mouth-watering.

Appetizer and Toasts
Italian Appetizer and Toast

Toast and Bruchetta are our version of snacks: toasted flat bread filled with cold cuts, vegetables, cheese and sauce. Crunchy and fresh.

Italian Desserts

In Italy there is no meal that ends without something sweet. Give a try to our award-winning Hazelnut cake or our sweet wrap with Nutella made with the best hazelnut from Piedmont.

Don’t forget to pair it with a pint of Stout…delicious!


Saturday and Sunday 11am – 4pm
FAMILY SPECIAL – Kids Eat Free (1 child per family)

Soft drinks and Italian Wines
soft drinks and italian wine

If you don’t like beer we don’t like you 😉
But we have our last proposal and you can’t refuse it: our Italian Artisan Wines, Espresso coffee and soft drinks.