Who we are

We may not be handsome like Paul Newman,
or may not have Robert Downey Jr.’s charm
(or maybe yes?), but one thing is for sure:
we are stubborn and unabashed, tremendous
with unpolite people, generous with those who want
to spend the night in good company and drink a good pint…
we’re not afraid to tell you face to face!

Stefano Romagnoni

Behind his friendliness and teasing behavior there’s a hidden food technician with a bachelor degree in food science, also enrolled in the register for goods manufacturing and practices and health control.

His studies, his passion and his deep knowledge of beer, including the related production process, its myth, and legends, allow him to bring to Pazzeria just the best.

Stefano knows how to enlighten you with advices on what to drink, he knows how to excite you with his mastery as a perfect master brewer, bringing wisdom and joy to your table, sharing a couple of jokes just to have fun.

Pazzeria for him was a bet made in 2002: with his lifelong friend, Mauro, took a local already started bearing the name of Pazzeria the Twilight Zone, he has cleaned out completely and turned it with commitment, sweat, tears of rage and joy in what is now one of the breweries, if not THE Brewery, best known in Milan.

Mauro Perelli

He calls himself super reserved, misanthropic, “institutional knowingly” and clinical fussy, we can say he’s Stefano’s “different twin”, who knows since he was a boy and with whom he has been working for thirteen years.

Distinguishing features: practically a teetotaler. He doesn’t like beer, he doesn’t give a damn, he’s got no will to taste it, and nobody has been able to change his mind.

Before Pazzeria, he was responsible for the management and franchising activities’ set-up for a large multinational company and has a wide experience in industrial kitchen plants with the role of monitoring and management.

Good at arithmetic, careful, precise, a real manager with a strong corporate culture.

Don’t worry, Mauro, as well as Stefano, knows how to welcome you and make you feel at ease, always if you respect the law of good manners.

Alessandro Becciolini

Living oxymoron with a great brewing passion.
If we had to describe Alessandro in two words, they would be “tough guy” and “brewing genius”.

He is an expert, he doesn’t mince his words and he’s not afraid of anything, so don’t be scared if by chance you hear him injure badly with someone, it is normal.

Under the warrior’s armour, however, he retains a passion, a brilliance and a brewing culture unparalleled.
Beccio also knows how to be patient with those who may not know a lot about beer and gladly lends to know your tastes and instruct you on the most suitable choice to you.

He knows perfectly all the beers, bottled or on tap, either in their structure or in their history, he likes them so viscerally and this love shines through when he’s already serving a good pint.

He himself says that everything was born on the day when his mentor Franco Re from the University of Beer, to whom will always be grateful, made him try his first Trappist, and from that day nothing was like before.

As for the others, Alessandro observes and wants people to respect the general rules of Pazzeria Italian Brewery: ask and you shall receive, play the phenomenon and you’ll come ousted.